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Jan 25, 2019
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Here is a video talking about KeyMe - the largest locksmith company in the world, that only has kiosks and a national phone service.

This topic has come up many times before on the GMB forum. There are a few companies that are utilizing this strategy. Google is very aware of it so I would disagree that they are "tricking Google". The listings are completely allowed as kiosks. What's not technically allowed, or could be seen as misleading, is the use of the "locksmith" category. The problem is that I don't think Google has any way whatsoever to monitor what categories are appropriate for a specific business. When it was brought up on the GMB forum in the past, Google agreed that the category "locksmith" was not a valid category for this brand and removed it. I would suggest you post a thread on the GMB forum and paste the link to the thread here and I'd be happy to ask Google if this is still the case.

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