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Oct 22, 2020
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Hey Local Search Experts!

One of the members I am working with is telling me a couple things about their LSA account, and I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with me (as a Coach I am not directly working within the tools, so getting field expertise and knowledge is super helpful for me).

1. They were saying that the LSA Dashboard no longer accepts ZIP codes when setting the service area, or that sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't...has anyone else noticed issues with using ZIP codes to define the service area?

2. They also mentioned that your LSA profile won't show for 48 hours after you make changes to the profile. Is this true, and something others have seen?

Any help on these two topics would be most helpful!
I did hear from LSA support that there is a currently unresolved bug with zip codes causing issues with serving and ad ranking.

I've heard about the 48hr rule but I haven't noticed that long of a I can neither confirm nor deny.
Thanks @Chris Barnard !

So, I would assume that we want to use cities whenever possible to set the service areas?

As for the 48hr wait, got it. Doesn't sound like anyone is really seeing that as a "hard rule" that they are taking into consideration when making changes on the account.
Yup, I'm assuming the same. At least until they fix it.

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