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Jun 28, 2012
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This post has nothing to do with local - oh wait, organic plays a part in local...
This post has everything to do with local! :p

The part I quoted in snippets below is so true... Google won't tell us what the secret sauce is, so only experimentation and those of us willing to share that knowledge, helps us learn how the algo really works.

10 SEO experiments that will change the way you do SEO

Google doesn't want you to know the secret sauce behind its ranking algorithm recipe. So, most SEOs rely on gut feeling when using certain SEO methods they think should work.

However, there are ingenious SEO among us who don't mind working their fingers to the bone and digging up hard-won SEO facts in (usually time- and resource-consuming) field experiments.

Warning: After this post, your understanding of SEO will never be the same. Read at your own risk!

Which one was your fav?
Any surprises here?
Anything to add?
I would be curious to know how long these tests were allowed to run and how long the results were documented for? Did results drop off after a certain period?

I've always been an advocate for on-page SEO even thought the rewards aren't as fruitful as off-page SEO. Internal links are very important as it helps sculpt and direct juice. Site architecture is another important piece of the on-page.

I don't doubt any of the details found in that article. I'm wondering if there is more to it than what was presented.

I like #1 b/c it seems to be the most relevant. Although it's made to sound easier said than done, I think a bit of effort has gone into this ideal. Networking is a huge leverage point when it comes to links. It's all about influence and finding the connected authorities in your niche. High quality links are still where it's at although soliciting links these days seems dicey with the algorithm updates (Penguins) and such. I'm working towards getting content as the main selling point moving forward.

Good read Linda, thanks.

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