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Jul 18, 2012
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I am taking on my first dental client with multiple locations. They have two locations but they have one main local number which goes to their main office location. That receptionist handles the scheduling for both offices.

They currently have 2 Google+ Local listings and they are using the same local number on both listings. Is this going to be an issue or should I try to convince them to use their second office number on their website and Google+ Local listing?

Travis Van Slooten
Same name? Same city? Same type of practice? Same categories?
Pretty strong chance of a merge. If different cities it makes it a tiny bit better, but there is still a chance.

If they merge there will only be ONE listing for one of the cities with mismashed data. If the 2nd city is prominent on the merged listing, then they won't rank for the main office - at all.

It's a gamble. They could be fine. But if they merge it can be a mess and time-consuming to fix.
O.K. thanks Linda. I'll talk to them about this. I had a feeling this might be an issue. Hopefully they are willing to at least use the 2nd office's phone number on the Google+ Local listing.

Travis Van Slooten

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