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Jan 23, 2014
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Local Forum,

My client has NAP issues. It's messy. I'll try to keep one point per thread, and reference their links at bottom of thread I'm on, in case any of you take pity, love mysteries or see connections. I know some of this is interconnected.

My client runs 2 Banquet sites. Each facility has its own unique name, address and website. EACH needs to survive in local search. As example "Facility A" & "Facility B". Client has been maintaining ONE Facebook Page "A & B". So what does this do for our NAP issues in Google?

Facebook is linking page titled "Facility A & B" to Facility A's address, map, and phone number. I noticed EACH G+ page is linking to the same FB page.

I also noticed duplicate auto generated FB pages are popping up as "Facility A" and "Facility B". One of the autogenerated FB pages has incorrect info about Facility A. We've been unable to claim it, but reported it as a duplicate, but it's still out there.

I know FB is not GPlaces, but I'm concerned this is All going to further our can of worms. Currently FB page has 88 Likes. I'm thinking path of least resistance is IF this page is renamed "Facilty A" (if it can be, & keeps its 'likes') before it gets to 100 (?) -- I think that is when you can no longer rename an FB page.

My thought is since Facility A is the Primary, and also the one that is hurting in Local SEO, that renaming this page would help.

OR?? Am I Way OFF and creating a mountain out of NOTHING. I need your expert opinions - and the credibility of the experts in this forum I think is evident.

(Other Client Issues, if applicable):

I popped into FB, and found the facility a+b page you're referring to, but unable to find a facility b page. what page are you expecting G+ to link to if not the a+b page?

I also got this message from FB on the a+b page:
You were automatically redirected because Piper's Banquets was merged with this page. Let us know if this is a mistake.Is Piper's Banquets a duplicate of Fox Valley Country Club & Pipers Banquets?
Perhaps it was a matter of time before the reported duplicate was fixed? And perhaps the other dupe (A) will be corrected too.

I don't quite understand why you wouldn't have two separate FB place pages, given the venues are physically separate locations, names, addresses and phone numbers.

Google can read some info on FB, so yes, I'd be sure to have the addresses correct for each of the locations.

Your dupes may be coming up because of people creating the venue when they check-in, or FB may be picking them up because they see the two businesses listed elsewhere and don't necessarily equate those two listings to the one single listing you're managing.

One last thing - per FB: If less than 200 people like your Page, you can change your Page's name. If more than 200 you have to submit a request and you can change it only once.

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