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Apr 16, 2014
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I would like to get a few opinions on a sticky situation!

We have a client who is a home inspector, and despite our best efforts we have not been able to get him very good placement in Google. We've tried all the on-page cookies that Google loves to munch on, and now we're moving to the off-site. Here is where the problem is:

The home inspector himself has his own company "ABC Home Inspection Services" and is part of a very well known franchise. We had been using the franchise name in the on page & the little off-page work we've done, because the whole point of joining the franchise was to capitalise on the wellknown name & branding they have built. Because the franchisee had been running his business as its own entity for over 10 years before joining, there are citations built to "ABC Home Inspection Services" with reviews that have been there for a very long time. When they joined the franchise, their own network built some citations to their website with their own franchise name... so now we have a mess. Theres GMB pages for both, 1 thats verified (the franchise name) and 1 that's bot-created because of the citations.

To add to the complications, the website that the client has is a page on the franchises website. So now we have the branding vs. not confusing Google battle...

My gut says to stick to the "ABC Home Inspection Services" name, and change references where we can... I'd like other peoples opinions before we attack this one though :) Thanks!!!
"We've tried all the on-page cookies that Google loves to munch on"

Cute Kate! :p

Which page ranks higher?

Which name has more reviews and citations?
"ABC Home Inspection Services" ranks higher for "Home Inspector + Zipcode" (even though its unverified) & has a review. The other one doesn't have any reviews, but is verified.

"ABC Home Inspection Services" has less citations, but more high-quality, trusted citations sources
Franchise Name has more citations, but we have the login for most of them and can change them with little trouble...

I don't know if that makes the decision any easier... Another thought would be to combine the names and have "ABC Home Inspection Services dba Franchise Name" but that may just complicate things even more by having a third name to confuse Google...
Which ranks higher for "Home Inspector + City"?

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