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Aug 9, 2012
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Hi Linda and crew,

we ran across an altamonte springs (fl) dentist that has google places A and top organic above the gp listings. WE have a client that one colleague stated we have blended results at GP position E.

How can we tell if the results are blended? and what are the elements that return 2 great listings like the dentist? thx!
Thanks Colan!

If this is what you are referring to then...


The situation in that one is that it's the OLD pack style listing and that's how they can rank double with the same page. The local listing and the web site organic listing are separate with the old pack style listings.

The telltale sign that it's the old style is the link above the A listing that says
"Places for dentist near Altamonte Springs, FL" FYI normally you'll only see the old pack style listings these days in smaller towns for core terms.

So if your client has great on-site SEO they could rank high in organic. If they had all the right local pieces in place to rank high in the old Places algo they could rank there too. I've seen a few packs lately where all three: A, B, C also ranked 1, 2, 3 in organic, so they all got double page ones.

Although that Dentist may be doing a number of other things right, they have the added benefit of City + Keyword in their business name AND their site AND even have the City in their Street name. So they have lots of extra stuff working for them as well.
Thanks for clarifying that, Linda. I was just going to ask this question because I talked to a potential client today that has this same exact scenario for one specific keyword. I was going to ask how that was possible. I forgot those old pack results were still around.

Travis Van Slooten
thx so much Colan!

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thx so much Linda!
All 3 pack listings also rank on page 1 in organic.



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