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Jun 13, 2016
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Hi Local Search Forum,

I've only recently found this website and it is a great resource for me to learn and get to know even more about (local) SEO. There is however something I can't quite find a definitive answer too and I was hoping somebody here might be able to enlighten me:

1. I'm adding structured data to my websites homepage and I would like to include a hashmap and geo coordinates. I've noticed however that the GPS coordinates that are visible in the hashmap URL are different then GPS coordinates I get from any other third party website. Sometimes it's only the last few decimals but sometimes the coordinates actually point to a completely different location. My question is how to deal with this: Does it make a difference at all if I put in the exact coordinates that google has in the hashmap url? (that's me not wanting to put conflicting information out there). Or is it OK if these numbers are a bit different as long as they point to the same location?

2. I've added structured data to a dentist website and used the @type: Dentist. This dentist however has a widget on their website that has a few lines of structured data in it (it's a third party review widget). In that widget they also have the @type markup and name it a LocalBusiness. Is this a problem that there are two different markups on the website?

I hope I've explained myself clearly enough for somebody to understand my questions. If not, please let me know and I'll try to elaborate more.

Thanks in advance.


1. GPS coordinates should match where the business is, otherwise you risk feeding incorrect info to search engines and mapping services

2. "Dentist" markup is a subset of "MedicalBusiness" which is a subset of "Localbusiness"
It's not bad to have multiple kinds of markup. Structured data is just a way to help bots understand what your site is about. There could be dozens of different markups on the site ranging from reviews to location to people. Structured data is just code laid out in a specific format that makes it easily digestible for other computers (bots). Definitely read up on, since they have a ton of materials to help you understand schematic markup a little better.
Thanks for your quick reply!

1. Ok, that makes sense. But what I'm encountering is small differences in the numbers. When I try them out they (usually) point the the same general position. The pin might a few pixels to the left or right. Or should I just use the hashmap URL coordinates so I don't give out different information (even though I've encountered cases where the address is entered correctly, the pin is in the right location, but when you use the hashmap coordinates it points you to a different location...)

2. I will most definitely check that out more (I've already tried looking for my answer there). And I think I understand what the structured data is for, but I just wasn't sure about having several markups on the same page with the same fields, but different information (so @type twice, but with different info). But in your opinion/experience this is not a problem?

Thanks again and if anyone else has some experience or thoughts on this, it's greatly appreciated.


I've now actually noticed that the hash map co?rdinates change depending on zoom level and if you've centered the pin in the middle of your screen or somewhere else... So if I include bothe a hashmap in my data and geo co?rdinates, what co?rdinates would be best to use?

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