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Jun 21, 2015
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What would you suggest I do in this situation?
I have 2 related businesses (one selling equipment, one servicing the equipment).
They have separate names and websites and I must keep them both. Both businesses are run out of the same location (storefront) and currently have the same local phone number.

  • How would you solve this issue?
  • What would be the best practice in this case in developing a local SEO strategy?
  • Any advice about creating Google My Business Pages?
  • What should my primary concerns be?
  • What strategy would you use in my situation?
Thanks for your help!
Hi Barry,

It sounds like this is really just one business offering multiple services. And that is most likely how Google will view it as well.

I would create one GMB page and utilize one website to represent the business as a whole. As Linda would say, one website to rule them all. This will allow you to concentrate your optimization efforts, link building, citations...etc.
Thanks everyone.

I was thinking about this some more and I just want to follow up with a few more details.

There really are two businesses here with 2 completely different products & target markets.

One sells firefighter equipment to firefighters.
The other sells products such as fire extinguishers to the general public.

So for this reason I really don't want to combine the websites. I guess that option might be good for local SEO, but I think it would be bad for user experience on the website, which would get cluttered & confusing.

So, would it be so bad to use suite numbers to differentiate between the businesses?

If I do this, would I need to create a suite number for both businesses, or only one? For example, would it be:

- Biz A: 123 Main St. / Biz B: 123 Main St. Suite #100


- Biz A: 123 Main St. Suite #100 / Biz B: 123 Main St. Suite #200

Google looks for specific criteria in separate GMB listings from the same building/business.

A unique phone number & website.

The businesses are separated by walls and have different entrances.

They are staffed separately and each have unique signage.

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