Jun 21, 2015
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What would you suggest I do in this situation?
I have 2 related businesses (one selling equipment, one servicing the equipment).
They have separate names and websites and I must keep them both. Both businesses are run out of the same location (storefront) and currently have the same local phone number.

  • How would you solve this issue?
  • What would be the best practice in this case in developing a local SEO strategy?
  • Any advice about creating Google My Business Pages?
  • What should my primary concerns be?
  • What strategy would you use in my situation?
Thanks for your help!

Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
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Hi Barry,

It sounds like this is really just one business offering multiple services. And that is most likely how Google will view it as well.

I would create one GMB page and utilize one website to represent the business as a whole. As Linda would say, one website to rule them all. This will allow you to concentrate your optimization efforts, link building, citations...etc.


Jun 21, 2015
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Thanks everyone.

I was thinking about this some more and I just want to follow up with a few more details.

There really are two businesses here with 2 completely different products & target markets.

One sells firefighter equipment to firefighters.
The other sells products such as fire extinguishers to the general public.

So for this reason I really don't want to combine the websites. I guess that option might be good for local SEO, but I think it would be bad for user experience on the website, which would get cluttered & confusing.

So, would it be so bad to use suite numbers to differentiate between the businesses?

If I do this, would I need to create a suite number for both businesses, or only one? For example, would it be:

- Biz A: 123 Main St. / Biz B: 123 Main St. Suite #100


- Biz A: 123 Main St. Suite #100 / Biz B: 123 Main St. Suite #200



Nov 10, 2015
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Google looks for specific criteria in separate GMB listings from the same building/business.

A unique phone number & website.

The businesses are separated by walls and have different entrances.

They are staffed separately and each have unique signage.
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