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@rosie.brightlocal Your article was very informative and it has lead me to asking some questions :) All the research that you did with this has been amazing. I have used MOZ local to start the citation building process to make it faster. My next step was going to be building them manually to ensure duplication doesn't happen; however, now that my company is growing beyond a couple of clients and I need something that would help along this process that I can just go back and check on it.

I haven't heard of "Push data via data aggregators" and "Push data via real-time distributors" Can you give examples of this? I am not the one that normally handles local citations for my clients, but now I am and trying to gain as much knowledge based off research like yours. If you can explain those two things that would be awesome!
Hi! Thanks so much for your response :) Always good to know the research is useful!

Data aggregators (e.g. Factual, Acxiom etc) submit local business data to their networks, while real-time distributors are suppliers like Yext that update information as it changes. We've got a post that explores the different types that should hopefully be useful for you! Manual Citation Submissions vs. Local Data Aggregator Submissions

Please let me know if you had any more questions on this! If you haven't already, it might be worth signing up for a free trial with us so you can see our citations monitoring and submission options, so you can see if this might be useful for your needs. You can do this here: Local Citation Tracker. Find SEO Citations On New & Existing Citation Sites

Thanks :)

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