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Jun 28, 2012
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Phil just wrote another winning post about customer reviews.

He asks the best questions - not just for building your reviews, but for building your business and attracting more new customers too!

<a href="">Mining Your Online Reviews: 25 Nuggets You Can Use to Get More Local Customers -</a>

A good review means it’s Miller Time and a bad review is just a black eye – right?

No. You’ve got a little more work to do. The better you understand your reviews, the better you understand your customers and your business. That’s how you’ll attract more of the types of customers you want.

Sounds like a mushy goal. But you can do it by crunching on your reviews until you chew into the bits of gold...

...Read all the reviews and try to answer these 25 questions:

What do you think? Bet there are some great questions in there you never thought to ask yourself or your clients.
Solid gold "nuggets" as usual from Professor Reviews ;)
Great find ...

Thanks for sharing.. Always looking for ways to get legitimate reviews on Google as well as other review platforms

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