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Nov 7, 2016
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I have a doctor client that operates 3 separate unique practices out of the same building (ENT, Plastic Surgery, Hearing Center). Each practice has its own business name, its own phone number, but shares the same address.

We've attempted adding a fake suite # to the newest of the businesses as this had some moderate success in the past, but now with the latest Possum update, does this still work??

Each business is unique enough to not compete with each other in the SERPs, so I don't think we're experiencing any fallout from Possum. And we're really not seeing any evidence of a penalty, so there is nothing "wrong" per se. But I know this is not an ideal situation and was wondering how some of you would handle a situation like this, knowing that one address is not ideal and Google is really trying to diversify results from clustered locations?
Oh ya, 3 different sites (same hosting though). Forgot to mention that! :)
Hi Gary,

If all three businesses have unique phone number, website, name, and most importantly GMB categories selected, than you should be ok. The key will be the categories and the fact that they are truly unique businesses offering unique services.
Yep, totally agree with Colan. I was just coming back to say the same thing.

Thanks Colan.
Just curious about this.. how would they verify all 3 GMB listings with the same address? Or is it just toss on a fake suite #?
No they were easily able to verify all 3 listings with the same address using postcard (this happened at different times though, not all at once).

Later on, we added a suite# to the newest listing with no citations in order to hopefully differentiate it from the other 2 established businesses at that address.
How's this ranking coming? Are they all ranking separately?

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