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Jun 23, 2014
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Happy New Year, everyone! Yesterday, I noticed images in the 3-pack SERP for a search for "pawn shop gilbert az" (see below). But today, it's back to normal. Have any of you experts seen the same?


Very interesting. Normally, photos have only appeared in local packs for the entertainment, dining and hospitality. I haven't seen them otherwise.

Nice find!
Yes, nice catch Mitch! Probably a test...

Hmmm if being in the 3 Pack included branding with your logo or your headshot or your product...

Would you as an SMB be more likely to think you HAD to be in your local 3 pack?

Would it tick you off more to see your competitors there with their mug or logo everyday?
Wouldn't you tend to feel just a little more invisible in your market if you weren't there too?

Would this make you more likely to pay to play with some new placement option???

Tin foil hat... over & out! ;)
I think mostly they will be pissed even further that they can't control that image right now and that Google is pulling them from the most insane places.

Would love to get this fixed.
I'm seeing the images more and more. Do any of you know how to control which image shows up, or are we left to let Google decide??
It's based on the industry. Google started rolling them out to more industries in the USA a couple months ago.
Hi Joy! My question is this: Is it possible for the SEO (me) to dictate which image shows up in the local pack? See my example below. One of the photos is an exterior shot, another an interior shot. Yet another appears to be a logo (25).



I think this article sums it up best.

The short version is put the picture you want as your profile picture but it's possible they will pick a different one. They tend to not like logos.
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lol yes that's what I meant. I'll edit my post.

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