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Mar 15, 2016
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Today's Blog Post:

3 Ways to Inject Reviews Into Your Google AdWords Extensions

3 Ways to Inject Reviews Into Your Google AdWords Extensions

When managing a local campaign, there are actually 3 types of extensions that allow you to utilize online reviews in your ads to increase your ad real estate, social proof, and CTR.

I?m going to dive into the value of these review boosted Google AdWords extensions and how to set them up in your AdWords campaigns.


Have you seen reviews on location extensions in the wild?

Since there's no guarantee which extensions will be served in your ads, what's your ad extensions strategy? Have you experimented with it?

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Thank you for this awesome work!

Google has really stepped up its game by providing all the blings and screen estate for its paying customers.
Thank you Mr. Sage!

I agree, it's very interesting and continually evolving. Always have to be aware of those minor Google changes that can make a huge impact.
Wow Garrett! Super comprehensive post!

Anyone here that does Adwords needs to read!
Great post Garrett, this is a killer overview. I wasn't aware either that the barrier for reviews showing in local extensions was so much lower than for sellers, that's a great little piece of info that I'll have to file away. Thanks for the share!
Thank you James!

The low barrier for the location extension is interesting, especially for local businesses. I think it makes sense too, because getting reviews is so difficult, that local businesses who might struggle to get 30 reviews for their Seller Ratings can still highlight their reviews via the Location Extension.
Nice article, thanks for the tips, especially adding "Reviews" as a site link. Have you actually tried it out?

As far as reviews showing in the location extension, I see them being shown very infrequently compared to when they first came out; could be just my limited experience though.
Thank you for the reply Tony.

I haven't tried out review extensions personally, but I've seen them appear more and more. I've found that they tend to appear on more established brands. I'm not sure if that's because they're bidding higher on great keywords, or that Small Businesses aren't implementing review extensions into their ads.

Let me know if you have any luck with any of your campaigns.

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