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Aug 23, 2014
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I thought I'd share this article since so many of our regular forum members were contributors.

<a href="">Local SEO: 30+ Experts Reveal Their No.1 (Actionable) Tip</a>

Personally, my favorite tip was from Myles Anderson who talked about how they use HotJar to figure out where users drop off their site.

What was yours?
Thanks Joy. Psychic again! I was going to share today too so I appreciate you getting the ball rolling.

How about that last tip??????

<a href="">Local SEO: 30+ Experts Reveal Their No.1 (Actionable) Tip</a>

How To Influence Google Suggest With 1 Cent Bank Deposits

Find a common pattern in the bank account format of local numbers for the most common banks.

Google and scrape each variant...
Next, generate a batch transaction file.

Send everyone variant you have scraped 1 cent with your target search query in your transaction description.

For example: Dan used “SEO DEJAN.”

A portion of these people will research the transaction to see what’s going on. The searches will be from random IP addresses and devices.

You’re now spiking popularity and demand of a local query of your choice. This will influence Google Suggest, Related Queries and Local Signals.

Gray, black, dirty or downright illegal?
Seems like a good way to get in big trouble with banks to me!
WOW. I totally missed that one. Must have stopped at #33. That's insane. Too risky for my taste.
I know, I can't believe the article author decided to include that last one, that's nuts. It's interesting from a test-perspective (hey, sometimes it's worth it to do something a little nuts on a personal project to get useful data) but I can't imagine anyone anywhere ever thinking that's a good idea to do for a client. Even if you were to try and replicate it, there are way more acceptable (as in: won't get you flagged by the FBI) methods a person could come up with to get a few hundred searches coming in over the month from local unique IPs, if manipulating the suggestion box was a goal.

My favorite tip was hot jar too, I'll have to check them out.
That last one is great. It's some next-level meta stuff, not sure how practical it is, but certainly interesting.

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