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Aug 14, 2012
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Hi all,

I have a client that has an office with a Box number. Rather than put "Box 1234" in the address and potentially confuse a Google employee into thinking it's just a PO Box, we're going with "Suite 1234," but the post office says we need to put the "1234" after the zip code like so, "52345-1234."

I would appreciate any insight into this issue, please.

Hi Patrick

So does your client actually get mail at their physical location? Does the PO Box need to be included as part of the address?

Is it something like

Your Client Company
123 Client Way
Box 3456
Somewhere, SP 12345-3456
Hi Don,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, they actually receive mail there, so the box number is important. I should note that it is an office where people can drop in unannounced, so it's a legit location.

The owner got the ok from the post office to use "Suite" instead, but in that case, they were instructed to use the 4 digit box number after the zip code.

I'm wondering if that would be the lesser of the two evils. Putting "Box" in the address may make it too much of a target for deletion.

I'm thinking using Suite XXXX plus the four-digits after the zip is fine. While for PO Boxes, the four digits typically do correspond to the Box number, for regular deliveries to businesses and homes, those additional four digits are simply a way the post office can further segment the individual five-digit routes. least that's how I've always understood it.

However, there was a new thread started yesterday [that is near and dear to Linda's heart] that discusses the use of Suites within the address lines and the inconsistency of Google Places and MapMaker, so be ready for that.

Suite # Address Format - A Google Employee Response
Thanks again, Don.

I read through that other thread and I can see what a huge issue it is.

This client already has a Google-generated listing, and the listing does not have a box number at all. I wish I could just leave it as is lol

I've used suite numbers dozens of times and haven't had an issue, but I've never had to put the 4 numbers on the zip code before. It hasn't caused any problems before, but I guess with this address it would cause problems to omit them.

As long as there's no issue with G+ Local and adding the 4-digit extension, I'm happy.

Thanks again.

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