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Wow! Thanks Guys. I just read the first couple points and I'm salivating.

Going to dig in ASAP.

Super job!!! 43 tips. Extremely comprehensive!!!
If Citations are important for your clients or if you are a local biz owner, 43 Tips For Citation Building is a MUST READ!!

Here's part of the comment I left over there for the few that read this thread and refuse to read Top 5 posts on various subject matters: :D

2 additional strategies that I implement and find invaluable:

(1) I have a column on my spreadsheet labeled Submission Date. This way, I know if it's been 6 weeks and I haven't heard from a client that was sent a PIN verification, that it's time to find out where the breakdown occurred and/or resend the PIN to them.

(2) Also on the spreadsheet, I have columns for Status and Next Step. This lets me know exactly where in the process we are at all times.
Thanks, guys! We'd love any suggestions / questions you might want to leave in the comments and/or here.
Great post Phil and great additional suggestions Scott!
A great list and well written. It explains in simple terms and has been very helpful.

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