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Sometimes I see a 2-pack when searching for things that ordinarily give a 3-pack. I’m not sure what triggers the 2-pack, but I haven’t seen a five pack in years.
This is like a blast from the past!!! I will definitely post here if I manage to see it.
If Google decides to change to a five-pack, why do you suppose they would do that? What future change(s) might it be preparing for?
Ads is my thinking also, either Google Ads or Google Local Service endorsement type ads.

There could be an issue with showing more variety or choices to people. If there are 5 on the map, it might mean fewer are clicking over to the Maps area and pounding the servers with more queries. It could lead to more Page 1 clicks, which would mean a happier end user.
It is quite some time ago, but i have seen a 4Pack by doing some queries for a customer. On the first place was an ad (marked) and on position 2 to 4 the usual results. That was only for a short period here in Switzerland.

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