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Aug 4, 2012
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Hey Everyone,

David Mihm has just posted about some refinements that have been made to the US version of GetListed.

Check out the post:

A New Version of | SEOmoz

I can't comment too much on this as it's "US Only" at the moment. As the post points out, work is being done on the UK and Canada versions, so they are currently offline.

Anyway, look forward to hearing from you guys how the improvements have helped.
Thanks for posting Nick. Looks like a good update!
It's a nice update, indeed. The only trouble I've seen so far, based on a few scans, is that the counter for reviews is wayyy off.
Thanks for the update Phil.

To be honest, I've noticed the numerous errors with the UK version, so I'm quite glad that its been taken off for some maintenance.
I checked the UK version out a couple of times but the info was so suspect I stopped bothering with it - very frustrating. Hope they will sort things out in the revamp.

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