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Oct 11, 2018
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Hi there

I hope someone might be able to help :)

I am working on a WP website where there are two locations. There is a page for each office under the contact menu, so (e.g.):


Each page has the contact details for that office.

I would like to do something similar output wise to what the Yoast Local SEO (purchasing this is not an option at this stage unfortunately) would do but either manually or using a plug in. However, so far all plug ins I have tried only allow one location :(

I would welcome any thoughts or suggestions.

Many thanks
You can write the schema markup in JSON-LD and paste it into the text tab.
Depending on the style you're using, you may be able to do that via the Customizer.

Otherwise, you can use this plugin to add information into the header or footer for the site: Insert Headers and Footers |

However, there is one plugin that allows you to add multiple business locations automatically: Locations |

I haven't used that personally but here's what they claim for the free version:

Manage Multiple Business Locations with Ease!
Have multiple business locations? Locations allows you to output as many locations, each with their own map, on any page as you want! Use one shortcode to list them all, or individual shortcodes to call out specific business locations! With Locations, you can update Phone Numbers, E-Mail Addresses, and other contact information from the ease of your WordPress Dashboard – you won’t have to track down each Page and Post and make the same edit!
I have not used the Yoast local seo plugin so I can only go by what they say on the Yoast website. With that said, it looks like the main things they do for you are (1) they decorate your location page with a map and (2) they create the schema code for that location and place it on your location page.

I do not know of a free WP plugin that will do those things.

However, it's not hard to do those things yourself. They are not hard to do:

  1. How to embed a google map on a website page: how to embed a google map on your website - Google Search will tell you how to embed the map
  2. Schema code generator: Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD) will generate the schema code you need, and then just copy and paste the code from the schema generator into the "text" tab in your page's editor.
Does that help?

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