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Oct 16, 2013
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I was curious as to what some of your thoughts are on the new process for claiming or being added as a manager on Google (what used to be) Places. A few co-workers of mine are trying to figure out the smoothest, most trouble free way to obtain management for already claimed listings.

There are many different circumstances too making it a bit more difficult.

If the client has access to the listing and wants to add us as a manager thats fine, no problem. Would a Master Account be anything worth looking into? Right now we have individual accounts but someone had suggested a bulk client account as a possibility, what are your thoughts on that?

Then there are situations where the client no longer has access or never did have access to his account. Through communicating with Google I found that we need to have a Domain Based Email to validate the domain is with the company. But how does this work when both parties have one of those, or its not an EMD and its something like, how heavily are those weighed as apposed to

This new managing access process looks like its going to be the future of local maps marketing and we are all trying to get the best understanding of while its still early.
Hi, are you referring to your agency that would be managing
multiple listings for multiple clients?

Chris McCreery

We are going through the same type of thought processes as you and your team. The new managing process is the present and the future as far as managing (babysitting) these crazy kids go.

With the old dashboard it was never advisable to have a master account with all of your client pages claimed. But I don't see any issues with having a master manager account that you use for all the pages you have been invited to manage for your clients. It would be nice to know if Google had any guidelines in regards to this....

This is a great post, Ray! Would love to hear what others think.

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