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Tim Colling

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Sep 3, 2014
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Recently, I have noticed that some clients' desktop Knowledge Panels are showing "Reviews from the web" from websites that are merely scraping Google reviews data and displaying it on their sites. For example, see the screen shot below, from this query: pegasus home health care glendale - Google Search


Here's another example: the screen shot below is produced by this query:
accredited home health los angeles - Google Search


That case is interesting because it combines two Facebook reviews with five Google reviews.

Has this been happening for a long time and am I just now noticing something that everyone else has seen for a long time?
Hi Tim

What you described has been happening for ever since I can remember. Google seem to correct these on a case by case basis.

Generally the algo is pretty good at *not* displaying those kinds of sites. It's doing a much better job than the first time they decided to display reviews and botched it. This second time around is better but they do slip through.

The display I'm getting for those two locations is different to yours, so am not able to recreate the second one.

Both sites appear to be violating Google's review markup guidelines, FWIW. That's probably what's tricking the algo.
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