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Aug 15, 2015
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I am confronted by a problem which is caused by the municipal office of the village. They applied for all houses in the village new street names and number which is a challenge for all businesses. If they enter the new address in their Google business page the pin location is going to a different spot - just because Google is not aware of the new system.

Is there any possibility to fix this??
Wow, why would a city change all the street names (and numbers) at once? That's crazy. Right now I think you can still make edits on MapMaker (set to close in 2017), and you can also make edits to your Google My Business account. Making edits to the GMB page will most likely force a re-verification, but as long as the post office acknowledges the new street name & numbers then it should be fine.

I've really never heard of a town deciding to redo everything at once like that. Seems pretty odd.
Tx Eric,

that's a small village in Austria with only some thousend inhabitants. I know several villages which had that "pleasure". Now the tourist office of one village is our customer- that's why I am involved.

By the way - MapMaker is shut down in Austria since approx. 1 year. No edits are possible any more. I can't work with that.

The post office is not a problem either. They get the new system like every other institution does. But the positions on Google of all companies is the problem - many hotels there etc.

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