Mar 15, 2016
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An Interview with Andrew Shotland: Local SEO Industry Changes, Running a Local SEO Agency, and Helping Clients Succeed

Carmen: What's more important for local SEO agency consultants to learn, technical SEO, on-page SEO, or off-page SEO?

Andrew:There are basic things you have to do in all those areas.

We're getting a lot of success on content optimization, particularly post-Medic. We find our clients who are doing content optimization and link building are the most successful after this update.

The clients destroyed by that update had problems with topical overlap, too much content focusing on the same stuff.

So. Links, and content.

In a lot of cases technical SEO can be a huge problem for a lot of sites, but if you're talking SMBs most of the time they don't have technical problems because their sites aren't that complicated.

We're talking about standard Google Bot accessibility issues here.

There are a lot of really interesting insights from Andrew in this post, but I'm curious to hear what others think about his assertion that post medic, the SMBs that are focusing on content optimization and link building are benefitting the most.

Do you agree that these tactics are having the greatest impact for rankings after the Medic update? Or are there other factors that you're seeing?

Read the full interview here.



Jul 22, 2012
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Thanks for sharing all of this information, Andrew! I particularly like how you highlighted the importance of generating links and content. Great content only goes so far without links and links to a site with poor content will hardly ever result in good rankings.
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