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Oct 25, 2013
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There's a good discussion here every month or two about favorite tools when digging into the gnitty gritty, and I know a lot of these have been talked about already, but hey, new post by Andrew Shotland weighing in on his favorites, so why not have another?

Part of the fun of being in the SEO space is that we get to play with a lot of crazy tech developed in the name of reverse-engineering Google’s algorithms. We all have our favorites — when I first started learning SEO, my fave was SEO Altar, a service that allowed you to make a ritual sacrifice to the SEO gods in order to recover lost rankings. Somehow, that one never took off.

But there are plenty of other great SEO tools out there to help you get the Local SEO job done, and as part of my monthly indentured servitude to Search Engine Land, I hereby present thee with ye olde Local SEO Guide Local SEO Tool Stack.

Read the full article here

Not necessarily anything new for someone that's already plumbed the depths of the local SEO tool scene, but for a consultant thinking about expanding their toolbox a bit, this is a great resource since Andrew has a ton of links going out to more detail on specific tools and how to apply them in the field. When talking about SEM Rush for example, he's got his 5 ways SEM Rush makes him look like a wizard to a prospective client. I dig it.

Any favorite tools of his that aren't in the list?

One specific question I have too... I've been digging ahref for competitive backlink research, but Andrew mentioned feeling like Majestic finds more. Does that match anyone else's experience? I haven't taken the time to do a thorough side by side comparison yet.
Isn't that a great article?

Re Majestic vs Ahrefs:

I do not have precise comparative data. I can only say that from my subjective assessment, based on experience, that Majestic seems to find more backlink data than Ahrefs.

I maintain a monthly subscription to Majestic. I have intermittently had subscriptions to Ahrefs but not for many, many months.

Finally, Ahrefs is a LOT more expensive. Just saying...
Right on, thanks for weighing in Tim! Sounds like I'll have to take a second look at Majestic.
I have always found it interesting how much information you can get from looking at the same data different ways. Great share, James.
For paid tools, we use Ahrefs and Bright Local
Late to the party on this thread.

Anybody else use SEMrush? Based on that article it looks awesome. May not have enough data in Local SEO to do much damage with it but for regular SEO it looks like a must have.

Any other tools you guys would recommend for regular SEO?

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