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Oct 10, 2012
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One of my dental clients reached out to me saying that Angies List is trying to get them to sign up. Waiting on specifics right now.

Have you found that Angie's List is a hinderance to your selling additional services to your clients? Have you found Angie's List to typically be helpful for your clients?
Here is more information:

The cost is $594.32/yr if paid upfront 13th month is free. It includes 5 surrounding counties with a total # of 3130 members in this range. They have 2 other dentist signed up with them so they show at the top of the list and they swap them each day for the #1 spot. You also can have coupons and other links for members to check us out- we would have access to manage our account and change it as needed.

So it sounds like $600 year gets them a listing basically huh? Are your dentists getting new patients from AL?

Seems like a pretty small amount. I mean just 1 new patient being worth about 5k, could work out to be a good deal.

Anything I am missing?
Thanks so much for asking and for sharing the info.

A couple of our member specialize in Dentistry. Chris in particular. So I bet he's run into it with clients or maybe has an opinion. If he does not see this on his own and weigh in I'll email him.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?
I was just talking about this on a call with a potential dental client.

Here's my two cents:

When comparing Angie's List to non-paid member sites (i.e. Google+, Yelp, Citysearch, InsiderPages, etc.), AL doesn't even come to 1% in viewers.

Dental Focused
While AL may be beneficial for users looking for contractors or handymen, their dental reviews are pretty weak. I often hear from clients that if they have a review on AL, it's usually outdated.

While the average AL user is more ready to purchase than a non AL user, the audience is so small compared to Google+, Yelp, Citysearch, InsiderPages, etc. AL doesn't even come to 1% in viewers.

I'd recommend dental clients use that $$$ somewhere else instead of AL. Patient Communication/Appt services, office promotions, etc.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Chris, knew you'd have some good insights on this!

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