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Hi Kate,

No it's been around for quite some time. It's just that few know about it so you don't see it often.

Ryan 1st shared it here in 2013. Check his out!

Here's the post explaining with tips for how to do it.

<a href="">A REALLY cool way to get your Google+ page to stand out!</a>
Very cool, but the load time of the page is a test of one's patience :eek:
I've seen some really good ones, and some (like Colan said) that test my patience on load times. Cool stuff either way
Thanks for the shout out Linda. I do have to agree with the other posts about load time though. Sometimes it's frustrating.
I didn't realize you could do that...that's cool.

To help with the load time, it might be better to have a much smaller gif. Something like a twinkle that is only a few frames.

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