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Jan 26, 2017
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Seriously...I HAVE looked at the other posts and around the web and I still haven't figured this out. Everything I can find on the subject seems to be obsolete.

I found these two G+ pages, One looks to be from the main account, one from the brand account. I know it use to not be a good idea to have multiple pages, but things change...

this is the verified page:
And the brand:

Do I need to have these merged, and if so can you point me in the right direction to get instructions.

Thank you much in advance! - Hunter
Re:Update- ANOTHER G+ page merging post


I got this info from GMB after I posted above, I am still not sure whether having both of these pages is a good/bad idea since they can not be merged or if there is any downside to deleting one.

Hi Hunter, Thanks for reaching out! We aren't able to merge two Google+ pages together. We are only able to merge an unclaimed page on Maps with another verified page on Maps. Since this duplicate Google+ page is not on Maps, you just need to delete it from your account.


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