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Mar 8, 2013
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I haven't been able to find any recent hard data (as in tied to a study somewhere, not tied to what you or your client seems to notice) about pure organic click through rates vs. Local CTR's.

Anyone have any links to share?
I thought it was pretty well-known that Local CTR's were .0000001%

Is there any truth to that? If so, have you got a link of the study?

The thing is, the local results have become stripped down but they still have the reviews that can establish trust over the organics.
I can't site any statistics but my clients had more visitors with organic ranking than map ranking. In fact some of my clients as me to take them out of the maps. Which is why we prefer to double rank the websites. It's the best of both worlds if done properly.
Which is why we prefer to double rank the websites. It's the best of both worlds if done properly.

Obviously something I need to learn quickly. (Very interested in your training, Linda)

If the client I've been working on falls out of organic it will be a very bad scene. I felt obliged to verify their place page because they had none and their address was being mapped incorrectly. But now I'm nervous that verifying them might have the bad result of moving them from very strong organic into much less effective local.

Any way I can slow down that process?
I was exaggerating with that .000001 number but from what I've seen it all depends on the query (of course).

For some clients, they get a good chunk of visits from Local. Others not so much. Either way, I'd rather be in Local than nothing at all.
I think you're question is a really good one. I'd love to see some studies on the topic. It wouldn't surprise me if it broke the hearts of many forward thinking SEOs like Mike's recent post.

I'd mirror what others have + local listing.

BUT...that's a gross overgeneralization. IMO, it's completely dependent upon the vertical and whether or not there's a lot of mobile search within it.

But again...I'd love to see some #'s on that.
What this spells out to me is that we all need to be making sure the results are also "dressed" up in authorship or another relevant rich snippet. That will help with the CTR. Clearly the double-ranking is pretty much essential as well.

So, on the note of the above, I'm going to cross-link with 2 useful posts:

Here I have shared a method of "bringing back the review stars" to Local - and it really does work:

Here is some great discussions we are having at the moment about achieving Double-Ranking/s plus video results as well:
To confirm - are you getting your data in analytics "organic" "vs "maps"? Want to make sure i'm looking in the right place.

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