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Jan 30, 2015
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Hi all,

Today I am attending a panel discussion at Google HQ (London) with the GMB team.

The overall aim is to discuss how us as third parties can work better and more efficiently with the GMB team to cultivate accurate data within maps, plus etc.

I have a number of questions, queries & suggestions and I'm sure you do too!

Please send through any questions or suggestions, I'll do my best to discuss these and report back.

Awesome Joe. Thank so much for letting us know and for offering!!!

I'll Tweet this and send it out to our G+ Pro Community in a few so we can let folks know.

Dan Leibson, one of our Top Contributors here, just asked the question of the year in our Pro Community.

Any plans on giving companies that spend millions of dollars a month with Google better ability to solve urgent and time critical bulk account issues???

If there is still time, that would be a great one to ask!
Christa Morgante in that Pro thread, just asked another good one!

When will we be able to mark our OWN listings as relocated and direct maps to the correct listing? OR if a single user can't do this, when will GMB support be able to?

Joe, you didn't let us know the timing for this, so I'm not sure if these are getting to you or if you are already in the meeting.

BUT consultants keep this coming and I'll ping my Google contacts here in the US to be sure they see your comments.
Hi Linda,

Thanks for aggregating some of the questions. I'm afraid I can only answer one of these as I missed the second one.

Dan, 100% yes. GMB was originally designed for business owners however it is becoming increasingly clear that there needs to be systemised solution for third parties to manage hundreds/thousands of listings.

This is in the works and should resolve a number of headaches surrounding verifications and ownership of GMB listings. No timescales I'm afraid!


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