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Sep 14, 2018
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Hi Guys,

One of the websites we help just figured out that they have duplicate, plagiarized content on their website. What I mean is that the blog post that is on their site is also on other websites. The content that is duplicated is not from our writers, it was from the marketing company before us.

We have a hunch that the company before us used templates and the same content for their clients. This site has over 140 posts and is there any tools that can check all the blogs to see if its plagiarized or duplicated across the web.

So far I've only found tools that either:
  • Check sitewide for duplicates, but don't check if the content is plagiarized or copied on another external site (Only checks internal duplicates)
  • Checks one page at a time
I'm hoping I don't have to manually copy and paste and check each URL, so just wondering if anyone else has any suggestions.
You could use copyscape where you think they have sent you a duplicated content and paste part of the it of the whole text if you wish.
@JasonKhoo, I second what @bcherkezov said. Copyscape does exactly what you are looking for. It often turns up false positives, but it is thorough. I'd suggest using the pay-as-you-go "Premium" version, which lets you do a bulk check. (It's not expensive, and the free version is pretty weak these days.)
Copyscape and siteliner are good tools to use. Copyscape to check against other sites, and siteliner to check your own site for dupe content

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