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Jul 23, 2012
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I had several clients lose massive "maps" ranking across numerous keywords. Two clients with very substantial and unusual positive moves. Anyone else? I couldn't see any correlation between those that gained and those that lost. All are heavily supported by citations, have solid websites, etc.
Thanks for posting the question, since I was going to ask the same thing. Definitely noticed drops of 2-3 spots in the local/map rankings for several kw for one client.

I updated the local listing yesterday with a very minor edit, so I thought it was something I did.
Thanks for heads up Randy. I'm not seeing any drops but then again I only still follow ranking on a few results I where I watch for algo changes and a few previous clients. But they are all still high, knock on wood.
one of my client's A spot dropped on every kws except one KW on this change..One KW still showing up as A spot - Don't know what's going on is on A spot last 8 month on various only one..:confused:

Any idea Linda?
No info so could not even begin to guess.

How far did it drop?
Thanks need KWs that dropped and KW that stayed same or I'd be guessing or wasting time doing ranking research and no time to do that.
DC tax lawyer - still in a spot

DC Tax lawyers - no more local listing anymore
dropped DC Tax Attorney
dc tax attorneys - no more local listing anymore
Yes, I am seeing the exact same thing. I noticed it yesterday for the first time and I am assuming its a small update or change and in a few days the ones down will shift back up. I have seen this more than once and typically we shift back up. so far.......we are still down.
Still not seeing much flux with the listings I keep tabs on.

For a local plumbing search term I check - a plumber with a PO box for an address is still in the A spot. Keep thinking some day, that one's bound to shake loose. :rolleyes:
I'm curious as to the longer effects:

On the tax lawyer site I'm trying some of search terms and not getting a map. for others I do.

I haven't researched it. For something like this my gut is a panda type of penalty. One reason is that there are some heavyweight firms on that list and they get links, plenty of them. Of one I saw, Caplan and Drysdale is a large firm. They could get tons of links...and yet they were about 6 or so on one of the search terms. If a far smaller firm is way above suggests a lot of work on the local side, possible total concentration on tax as opposed to widespread law practice and/or a lot of links that expose some of the things google is cracking down on now ie too much anchor text, too many simple crappy links.

I haven't looked into it...but that is gut...and experience based on seeing drops in the pac for sites with some of those type links.

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