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Feb 7, 2013
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One of our clients received an email from [a company]. The pitch is to introduce a "new and exclusive marketing technology" that allows a business to be one of the terms in autocomplete for a certain "keyword" (whatever that term means anymore) in the business' area. The homepage of their site has a demo video with more info.

I'm very curious what this "technology" involves. Oh, and it takes 60-90 days to be "fully operational" on Google. And the results are guaranteed. Seems legit, right? :D

Based on Google's Help file on autocomplete, search predictions come from terms a person is typing, the person's search history, and trends from other people's searches. I'm sure a great PR campaign (or a PR nightmare!) could actually lead to inclusion in autocomplete for certain "keywords" (again, I don't even like that word :) ), but any ideas as to what this "technology" could be besides a bunch of people performing a TON of certain searches to get desired results? I'm asking out of curiosity, not because we're going to recommend they use this service.
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Anyone Interacted with them yet?

Not here, if fact, never heard of such, I would like to know. My best guess is something like a paid ad in google where they would " auto suggest. " and place the ad. Over all, for now seems like a black hat strategy.
Re: Anyone Interacted with them yet?

Could do something with Mechanical Turk and the like where they pay people to search the keyword and then search the business's name.
That's what I was thinking, Joshua.

And Joy, that's what I was looking for! You know how clients like to see things in writing :)

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