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Nov 20, 2014
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Hey guys,

So question, I'm seeing a bunch of pending review updates on my clients GMBs anything from address to category and attributes, wondering if anyone else is seeing the same,

only things that have changed recently are the current climate with Covid 19 and I added a bunch of my clients to Local Viking ironically to protect listings from being updated by spammers as it taps into the Google API

Was told by someone at Local viking that "the covid GMB update has put a lot of changes and attributes into the 'in review' state"

Any feedback would be great, thanks

Were they pending before you hooked them up to the 3rd party tool or not until after?

Most edits are publishing now so I'm not seeing a lot pending at the moment.
No these appear to be happening recently, like within the last week, had the software for around 3 weeks.
I am seeing the same thing on a couple of listings. Actually there were no updates made to the GMB listing in the last month or more but since last week I can see that a bunch of fields are under review.
yeah I've got like a plumber with one category that is under review for the category, and a mortgage broker the same situation, also my new agency with 1 category.
I just noticed this today on the listing for my church. The address field is pending. I definitely haven't submitted any updates to that field.
I have had some luck changing the field back and making the change again. The freeze on updates seems to come and go.

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