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Sep 25, 2020
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Hi Everyone!

I don't really do much local SEO these days, but am trying to help out a business I patronized recently. It's a Med Spa (they do Botox, Juvederm, etc etc). I was telling her she needs to get more reviews, just some free advice given the amazing job she did for me (seriously, don't judge... the filler (and PRP) took 5 years off easy, maybe more). I showed her how to share the direct reviews link, make it into a QR code, etc.

I also left her a long glowing review w/ pictures from my personal Google account, a Google Local Guide Level 5 account (only legit reviews left, never for clients etc). My review is not showing up on her GMB, yet I can see it in my account under the reviews I've left. I mentioned this to her, and she said she has been having other clients recently tell her the same thing.. that they've left reviews but she is not seeing them on her end.

I did use the word Juvederm in my review, so I edited it and changed it to the word 'filler' in case there was some kind of trademark flag. To be clear-- I've never worked with Med Spa's before, so I have no experience with the nuances there.

Does anyone have any idea what could be the issue? I thought maybe there could be some manual review process, but it's been two weeks and my review still has not shown up on her end. I have access to her GMB via my agency Google account and can confirm it is, indeed, no there.


Thanks in advance :)
Open a ticket with support. Send them screenshots of the reviews. It took about a week but they pushed ours live after calling me.

It’s a known problem with the last review filter update.
So, I swear I searched the forum before posting, but I just found this in the "Similar Threads" box below my post. Has a link to Joy's article (I actually visited the business and Google has all the tracking they could ask for on my iPhone), BUT I do have access to her GMB and certainly visited from same IP. So it could be that. But it doesn't explain why her other client reviews aren't showing up.

I guess my question now becomes-- are there nuances to Med Spa vertical that I should be aware of as far as GMB/GBP's go?

It has nothing to do with Med Spa. I have two Med spa clients and all their reviews are showing up that they know of. They are both relatively new businesses. If I find there is a issue I will let you know.
Hey, @AlanM , did you ever manage to sort this out? We have a client here that seems to be running into the same problem.

Hey JS, I never got a definitive answer. But, I will say that her reviews (including the one from my personal LG Google account) did eventually start showing up. They were months delayed. Now, I did put in a message somewhere via my personal account regarding my review not showing up.. it was an official GBP forum, I forget where. They never responded and closed it out, but then not long after mine started showing. Hard to say if that had an effect. Wish I had a better/clearer answer for you...


EDIT: I'm pretty sure I found the link on this forum somewhere on a stickied or popular post.
@JS Girard my client is also missing several reviews. I encouraged them to stop using the review us on Google link. So far I have been able to get all reviews reinstated. Both med spas I manage have been opened for less then a year.
Open a ticket with support. Send them screenshots of the reviews. It took about a week but they pushed ours live after calling me.

It’s a known problem with the last review filter update.

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