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Sep 5, 2016
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I am getting this error when login into a few of my GMB accounts

Problem with GMB.jpg
It is not happening for all my accounts ,but still seeing what you would normally when you search for a verified listing and getting the extra data in the KG and serp

It only happens when trying to login to the dashboard

All very strange

like to hear others thoughts


Problem with GMB.jpg
Looks like it may have been corrected. You still seeing the error?
I was seeing it earlier as well. Seems to be fixed now.
Seeing this error once again today as well as 404

Is anyone else seeing it today ?
I'm not seeing a 404. Do you use the agency dashboard?
I do but this is a new client and I have not ported them across yet , do you think they would degrade the original GMB dashboard to make sure people moved across ?

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