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Apr 12, 2022
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So back where I'm from I was just looking at a few listings regarding the dental category and I saw so many keyword stuffed businesses that I figured hey why not report it to Google.

Went ahead and submitted the redressal form, waited for a month boom nothing happened

Next posted it on GBP support and Keyser was kind enough to look at the matter and helped me out alot but the thing this is Google wouldn't actually remove the keywords in the business which is very very strange

Should we all add primary categories to our seo clients business name now because that would definitely give them an advantage.

Link to GBP support
Here's the link to the Google doc btw if anybody's interested Redressal Form IDS

One listing recently changed to Dr Palwasha Bangash. Facial Aesthetic Surgeon | Hydrafacial | PRP Face & Scalp| Botox & Fillers | Acne Treatment

Other listings include Dr Moosa Zulfiqar. Dentist. CDDC - Cardio Diabetic & Dental Centre
I have found that for medical practitioners, like these ones, Google doesn't seem to care about a single descriptor in the business name.
@JoyHawkins thats really fascinating.
Don't you think that if you put in those categories in the business name it's going to give the business an unfair advantage in terms of Local Seo?
It has a large impact on ranking. Whether or not it's unfair really depends on your view of this topic.

So there was no change here?

So for 2 out of those 6 listings, I suggested an edit and it went through (Pretty sure the gmb owner will return the name back to its keyword spammed name). Still descriptors such as dentist/orthodontists are still there.
In short Google won't change those as you can see in the gmb support thread.

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