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Oct 3, 2012
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I'm seeing the ability to assign "managers" from the Google Places for Business dashboard (new dashboard). Is this manager assignment happening from the social side, and if so, would this cause complications down the road?

I'm having a lot of clients add me as a manager to the Google Places page, rather than giving me the original log-in to optimize the page. I know in the past this was not best practice. Have the bugs finally been worked out?
I had that with one client that is having a tough time ranking in local but doing okay is organic. I have removed all the managers and just left the owner to see if that would help the ranking. So far after 3 weeks there doesn't appear to be much of a difference. I have also found that once you add someone as a manager they can also manage the Google+ page and YouTube Channel if they are linked.
Thanks Linda. I've always been on the cautious side since i've known about the buggy nature in the past. Thanks for the help.
I agree with Linda. One owner with multiple managers is totally fine. That's the design.

Its the multiple claimed listings that causes issues.

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