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Aug 3, 2016
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Quick question to anyone with possible insight. In an attempt to adhere to the GMB guidelines, does anyone have a recommendation/opinion on the following scenario and the business's GMB Name?


Brick & Morter Sign Reads: Northside Collision
Domain Reads:
GMB Name Reads: Northside Auto Repair & Collision Shop

The Business has two primary services/departments
that both operate under the same service desk and assumed brick & mortar name.

1. ASE Certified General Auto Repair & Services:
This includes everything bumper to bumper that is mechanical or fluid based.

2. Body/Collision Shop:
This includes automotive frame straining, and body panel replacement or restoration/Paint services.

Note: Some Collision shops will often have a combination of mechanical/auto-repair in addition to body/paint...however some will be strictly Body/Frame/Paint.

I"m trying to distinguish that my client offers both departmental service. Doing so would result in the business not being overlooked when someone is searching for basic Auto Repair, thinking that he is strictly body/paint/frame or Collision.


Do you think that the GMB Name would pass as acceptable?


Or would the "Auto Repair" and the "Shop" kicker could get me flagged?

Or get flagged if someone suggested an edit claiming the name was actually "Northside Collision" and not "Northside Auto Repair & Collision Shop"


Maybe I should I just run with the Brick & Mortar until we commit to a company-
wide rebranding?


I would prefer the proposed GMB name for the obvious reasons. 1. <acronym title="Search Engine Optimization" style="border-width: 0px 0px 1px; border-top-style: initial; border-right-style: initial; border-bottom-style: dotted; border-left-style: initial; border-top-color: initial; border-right-color: initial; border-bottom-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); border-left-color: initial; border-image: initial; cursor: help; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);">SEO</acronym>, and more importantly 2. It is more informative to the services of the business.

My goal is to provide more informative departmentalized information to customers. Letting them know that my client performs both ASE Auto Repairs in addition to Body/Collision Shop repair.


We would also be getting a DBA and verifying that with an Acxiom submission (which requires physical proof of DBA)

I've recommended that the owner adjusts the brick & mortar sign. But that is also a big expense.

He has a Huge Sign that displays "Northside Collision" Would adding a hanger sign that displayed: "Auto Repair & Collision Shop" be considered to be acceptable?


As a small to mid-size business, I feel this should be accepted and considered as departmentalized.

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

If you want to stick with the GMB Guidelines than you would use "Northside Collision" if that is the official business name.

There isn't really any penalty that Google currently enforces for adding the extra words and it does indeed have a SEO benefit. So you need to make that call between you and the business owner. As you alluded to, it's possible that maps users will edit the name.

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