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Sep 12, 2012
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The title is misleading but I can't think of a better one currently.

I'm looking for a tool that will notify me if one of my backlinks is removed. The tool could check my backlinks every 24 hours and keep me notified if one goes down.

What do you guys use for this?
Ahrefs is by far the best backlink tool out there.
Agree with Joy & Phil to a point.
If the site is outside US/CA, Majestic has proved repeatedly to be more accurate. At least in my corner of the world.

Not sure about the notifications part though, haven't used because I don't normally check that frequently...
I use majestic but they are frequently incorrect about the links disappearing.

I've got a feeling ahrefs is similar, even if it is a little better.

I'm talking about setting a specific URL and the tool pings the link every 24 hours and when it is no longer there OR switched to nofollow, you are notified. Raven Tools had a tool that did this but it was bundled with their full platform which I never used.

Are you guys saying ahrefs will do a specific URL for you?

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