Larry Linson

Jan 9, 2018
I am looking at competition backlinks for my client using AHREFS. I see one competitor getting a "juicy" 94 Domain Rated link from their own business google+ page! I have examined their Google+ page, comparing to my client, and find that the competitor has links to the main website in each Google+ post. Is this a viable strategy or just some quirky thing with AHREFS?


Jun 28, 2017
Hi Larry,

Google Plus is no different than other social media and its links are nofollow.

Sep 26, 2017
Anyone can do this and is not seen as too value in Google's eyes. It is best to look at your competitors' backlinks with a decent DA in AHREFS and determine how they are getting their links, such as; guest post, citations, etc.

I would recommend looking at your competitors in your local area and then similar competitors in your region or even nationally. This will give you some great ideas of where to apply your client's link building efforts to increase rankings.

I wouldn't waste too much time on Web 2.0 strategies, that anyone can do and won't pass a lot of value to increase rankings.

Hope that helps!

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