Jun 28, 2012
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Frustrated TD Bank customer stunned after service rep bites back online
by Shannon Martin, CBC News
Nov 8, 2019

What started as several frustrating phone calls to TD Bank's customer-service line ended with some surprising online payback from one of the bank's employees, according to a small business owner in Toronto.

"The whole thing is like a total privacy breach," said Brandon Grenier, 30.

Grenier, who runs an events company, made several calls on Oct. 28 to EasyLine — the TD phone line that promises "convenient automated service or friendly personal service," according to the bank's website.

But the exchanges were far from friendly, says Grenier. He called hoping to resolve a problem with e-transfers, but instead got "irate" and argued with the same representative twice. At one point, he says, the TD employee hung up on him.

Eventually, Grenier says he went in person to a branch and thought everything was settled.

Then he got a Google notification about a bad review that had been posted online about his business — written by someone with the same name as the TD employee. "He couldn't let it go," said Grenier.

The review referred to Grenier as an "extremely rude owner" who "swears often at people." It went on to say that prospective customers would be "better off paying someone else who respects others/themselves."

Grenier says he immediately contacted the bank. A manager later called and apologized, saying the review was taken down within an hour, and that the employee would get coaching, he says.

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