May 19, 2016
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Hi There.

I have my very first client who wants me to help with her GMB profile and online visibility in general.
She rents a space at a chiropractic clinic (she is a one man band so doesn't need much room).
The owner of the chiropractic clinic has a GMB profile and the beauty therapist has hers too but obviously, they both share the same address.

Is this going to be an issue since they both run different businesses under different names and both have different phone numbers? They would only have the same address.
I don't want to screw this up so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Margaret Ornsby

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Jul 22, 2013
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Hi Durandi

In theory no, this shouldn't cause a problem if she has a unique address (such as suite) and phone number. In cases as you described, it's usually the phone number that brings things unstuck - using a mobile number doesn't always get around it.

It will help if the beauty salon has their own online identity - website, citations, Social Media page/s, etc.

If the listings are too much alike you may have trouble getting the beauty salon verified, and support may request photo proof of signage etc.

I have seen in the past where it smashed two listings together that were a similar situation. That was a mess - the doctor's office never did get their reviews back. Then again, they did a dirty on my client so there is some justice in the world...

Today I'd more expect Google to suspend a listing, if it was going to react badly.


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Sep 12, 2012
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I think a Chiro and a Beauty Salon are different enough that there shouldn't be any issues. Assuming, as Margaret said, the phone number is unique.

Colan, quick question, what advice would you give to a business that is similar to another business at the same location? Say it's an industrial complex and a plumber moved next door to another plumber. They obviously don't see clients at the address, so it's hidden, but there's still 2 plumbers at the same location. Let's say they have different suite numbers though.

How would you handle this situation?

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