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Jan 11, 2014
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I forgot to say one thing. My local competition is very small, 2 companies to be exact. I'm talking about a 60 miles square radius.
Hi Allen,

Of the two, I personally think this landing page is less distracting of the two.
Car Stereo Installation | TV Installation - Connersville and Richmond, Indiana

One thing you might want to revisit is the title tags of those pages to make a title that is more compelling to click and less "SEO'd".

From this: Car Stereo Installation | Home Theater & TV Installation - Richmond, Indiana

To something like this: Save 20% on Home Theater, TV or Car Stereo Installation in Richmond, IN

One other thought might be creating separate landing pages for home theater/TV and car stereo since I imagine these are two totally different customers with different concerns and price points.

That way, you can include copy more specific to those topics, providing more relevant information to potential customers. A specific call to action is missing on that page as well.

Just some initial thoughts - hope this helps!

I'm actually working on finishing up my new expanded On-site Local SEO course right now and am buried working on it so no time to even look at those pages.

But 2 things I teach jumped right out at me just looking at those title tags. 1 is best practice the other is a strong warning I give in my training.

1) Your most important KWs should be the 1st part of title tag. And for local SEO your city is as important a KW as your service is. So the page you are using to optimize for local should lead with City + KW.

2) Should not repeat any KW in title tag more than once or twice but never over and over like your 2nd title tag. It has electronic(s) 3 times online twice and discount twice which is way too repetitious and would be perceived as spammy by the algo I would think.

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