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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, a cousin of mine opened a new restaurant last year for his daughter and says he needs help in getting efficient strategies on how to effectively run and market the restaurant. Can anyone offer any good ideas or leads for him to look into please? He says a local Strategies has contacted him and they are planning to meet next week but he would like to have another option just in case that should not work out.

All I was able to do was search the net and found this which I sent to him

but he says he needs to find a strategist who is experienced in making the Restaurant a success or giving it a good chance.

First things first. Create/claim their Google Business Profile listing and make sure you get the Primary and Secondary Categories right. I have seen vast improvement in restraunts with the proper categories selected. There are some categories available that often get overlooked.

Google Local campaigns can also be effective and help spread a small budget a little further.
OHHH so very sorry Joey [and others], this is not here for NY or in the US. Terry is in Trinidad [Caribbean] so the info I need to give him will be for a restaurant down there. My apologies guys, I temporarily forgot that this is a Local SEO forum.

Maybe I should post this question on the Warrior forum or any other forum you guys might be able to recommend please?

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