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Jul 27, 2012
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Have you seen this Phil or Colan? HERE PrimePlaces

If your place of business is in the UK, Canada, India or Germany, HERE PrimePlaces lets you add your business on both HERE and Bing Maps. Now you only need to claim or add your business once for it to appear on multiple services.

Here in the UK - and also Canada, India and Germany apparently - Bing Local is now Here Prime Places... run by Nokia

I have managed to get one client verified - it took 8 weeks to get the postcard. We then had to follow a link within an email that told us what to do with the postcard.

His listing does seem to be showing in Bing Maps, although not on the map.

Most confusing! bing_local.png

Unfortunately, it still isn't working for Canada. Bing allows my city and province and even displays the correct map location but it doesn't allow me to select Canada as a country and therefore demands a US ZIP code, the same thing that happens on the regular Bing Local page. Very irritating.
Anyone know a Local product that doesn't have any broken parts? :p
I haven't found one that works for me for Bing. They're not going to overtake Google this way...
LOL, @djb it was a rhetorical question... I'm beginning to think that a working Local business listing platform is an oxymoron :p

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You're welcome, Phil. Suddenly, it was worth spending time trying to work out that horrible site to have found something new to share here - I really appreciate the way you guys send so much info this way :)
Thanks Jo! I had heard of this at some point in the past. I can't remember the last time I set-up or claimed a BING Local listing for a Canadian client though.

I'll be sure to reference this post when I do.

Thanks :)
LOL, Nick, I'm not sure you'll be thanking me so much when you try to use it! :p

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