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Aug 15, 2013
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On occasion, I have needed to create a Google account for a client, but have been able to extract the B-day (don't ask...).
Does Google use correlate the person's real name with the birth date in order to validate the identity? And, what are the ramifications (if any) of using a fictitious date?

The birth date is totally unimportant. Just take your best guess (and subtract 5 years from your real guess :)).
The birth date is totally unimportant. Just take your best guess (and subtract 5 years from your real guess :)).

Hey Phil!

Thanks for reply - much appreciated.
And, at my advanced age... I will definitely keep that in mind ;-)

I'm sure the birth date is so they can build their demographics. This is one of the things that makes Google one of the most powerful marketing companies ever. They know more about every user than the NSA and use it well for advertising purposes.
We tend to get the birth date for clients if we set up a lot of accounts. However, one of the options we prefer is to use the year the business was established or that specific date.

Of course, that has its own problems and with the data collection online, probably is making a few crazy but it is a good work around when you don't have a BD and it is easily used and remembered across properties for consistency.
I have a certain birth date I use for all profiles I set up. (Though not asked often, I always use the same one, makes it easy).

However, I think going forward I am going to get my clients actual birthdate so that I can add them to a Send Out Card campaign that I set up for all my clients and include a birthday card.
Great idea about the birthday cards.

We ask a lot of the questions for details (such as birth date) in the intake form so that might be something to consider.

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