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Jun 28, 2012
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I'm planning to launch a new sub-forum for the BUSINESS side of local search consulting pretty soon.
It will include topics like: Pricing, packaging, prospecting, billing, managing and GROWING your business.

Business-building is a topic near and dear to my heart and one I've been wanting to find more time to help you guys with. Have some great posts, organizations tools and more already lined up for that new forum. But I just read a killer post that can't wait for me to build the new forum.

Here's another DYNAMIC post from Phil Rosek who always amazes me with the post ideas he comes up with and the caliber of posts he writes!!! (Phil come write for me, pretty please!) :p

Matchmaking Advice for Local SEOs and Business Owners

Most business owners and the local SEOs they hire get along pretty well, in my experience.

But when it doesn’t “work out,” usually the cause was avoidable. Not that one person is unethical. Not that one person is an Aries and the other is a Virgo.

Smooth local-SEO campaigns depend 95% on one thing: thorough communication up-front – before anyone has invested significant time or money.

I’m not really talking about how two parties should “get along” on an ongoing basis. Rather, I’m talking about how you – whether you’re the local SEO-er or the business owner – can help ensure you’re a good fit before you begin working together.

Head over to read the rest.

Tons of great tips, not only for consultants but for business owners and things they should evaluate before hiring a local search consultant.

What do you guys think of Phil's post? Find any gold nuggets?
Get reminded of important strategies you've let slip?

What do you think about a "Business" section here at the forum? Good idea???

Once I launch it - Phil's post will be a sticky at the top! :)
Great article! Thanks for posting Linda. I couldn't agree more and actually subsribe to most of Phil's advice. I think as a Local SEO, getting to know and understand the challenges of the business owner, where they've been, what they've tried, what has worked for them, what hasn't worked for them, why they want to do what they think they want to do - is key in the early stages, as well as ongoing stages, of the relationship.

One of the questions I like asking a potential client to do is sit down and just take the time to wonder.... "What if we could..." or "I wonder if we could..." Many times this gets the business owner begin to think out of the box, or try to remove any perceived limitations they may feel they have. So often, after hearing some of their answers, I see their face light up when I say something like, "Well, there is a way to do what you're wondering." Then I ask them to explain more of what their thinking might be. It's a great way to "get into their heads", which I feel I need to do to better provide solutions to their challenges.

The other thing I try to impress upon them is that my relationships with my clients are more like partnerships, and I often use "partners" when talking with them.

As far as the business section here at the forum, I would welcome it with open arms!!!
Great post by Phil as always. He's a brilliant writer! I'm looking forward to the business resources in the forum!

Travis Van Slooten
Thanks for sharing, Linda! Can't wait to sign up :)

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Thanks for sharing, Linda! Can't wait to sign up :)
Great blog post to share with good ideas. Linda, I really like your idea of adding a category on here for the business side of our business. Personally, I would love to spend all of my time selling and building my business. Looking forward to contributing some ideas when you get this section up and running!

OK you guys are getting me excited.

I just needed to see if there was some interest to warrant the effort,
but now that I see there is I'll get to work and make it happen!

Setting up the new forum is not a huge deal. Getting the MAJOR post done that gives you guys some SUPER hot tips and resources is what's taking time. Maybe I'll forget the biggie for now and just get the forum up with a couple of the other smaller easier posts I have in mind, just to give you guys a place to start discussing more business issues.

Don't hold your breath, but baring any major interruptions, slight chance I'll have it up tomorrow. Just needed a little push! :p

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