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Apr 16, 2014
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I'm not sure if Google is testing this and I just randomly clicked on the right one to see it, but if you search and click on the G+ page for "Village Orthodontics - Yorkville" it lands on the Posts page instead of the About page like everyone else!

I find this weird because they have 3 reviews, so that would be why I would want to see their G+ page (plus the map for directions).

Has anyone else seen anything mysterious like this?

Kate, most of the results do that and have for a long time.

We've complained to Google several times, so they are aware the link should go to the About page. ESPECIALLY since many businesses are not actively posting.

Maybe in their narrow thinking they believe if someone wants to see reviews they will click reviews from the SERPs and they show up in the overlay. Or maybe to try to drive more G+ engagement, I don't know.

But we've said if nothing else there should be an option for the business owner to choose.
Actually in checking the SERP you linked to, it looks like they did make one small change.

Looks like the ones that have 0 posts do go to About now.

Looks like Village is the only one in that pack with posts, so that's why it goes to post page. In the recent past ALL went to posts even if there were none.
Interesting! I've never seen it before. Usually when I click on the G+ page it goes to the About :)
Sometimes, when I link to the Google plus page, I link to the about page directly to avoid this.

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