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Dec 18, 2018
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I have a client that verified his SAB business as a Brick and Mortar business years ago. Somewhere along the lines he lost access to the listing and it went unclaimed. Now today, he is moved to a new location and hired us to get his marketing in order. Since we couldn't get access to his old listing, we created a new SAB listing at his home address. Is there anyway to mark his old B&M as moved to this new SAB business?
Old listing: Just Roofing Maine · 263 Brown St, Westbrook, ME 04092
New listing: Just Roofing

Oh no. A new listing is a really tough pill to swallow. Listing age is definitely a thing that impacts your rankings, so starting a new listing should always be the last last resort. I would work with GBP support to try to get that old listing reclaimed under the business owner's account.
Okay, thanks Darren! I'll work with Google to get access to this listing. Once I have it, what should be my next step? I'll have access to one GBP with an address at their old location, and one GBP thats brand new with a hidden address at their new location.
Once you get access to the old listing, update the address info and ask Google support to merge the new listing into it.

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